The Blocks: 5 reasons why the arts make Salt Lake City great

by Kathleen Sykes

As a teenager, I remember lamenting about living in Salt Lake. “There’s nothing to do!” I would whine. “There’s no culture!” I complained. Now that I have 10+ years of perspective, I can admit that I was wrong. This city is filled with accessible, incredible art—you just have to open your eyes and see it for yourself. Here are five reasons why the arts make Salt Lake City an incredible place to be:

The arts in THE BLOCKS  are affordable

Whenever I tell people how affordable the arts are in Salt Lake City (or Utah in general), they usually don’t believe me. And why should they? The arts have the reputation of being pretentious and expensive. But before you fight me on this, research the prices around town. You’ll see that it’s easy to scrape together a few extra bucks a month to go see something spectacular.

Want examples? Repertory Dance Theatre has their family-friendly Ring Around the Rose program  for $5.50 a ticket; Utah Symphony tickets start around $24; The Gallivan Center and Excellence in the Community regularly give free concerts; The Off Broadway Theatre’s tickets are $16 for adults; UMOCA has a suggested donation of just $5; and you can take a pretty excellent walking tour of all the downtown murals for free. And this doesn’t even scratch the surface of the variety of deals that many arts organizations offer to students, veterans, and even families.

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