Salt Lake Tribune – Utah’s art groups want to be less ‘stuffy,’ so they’re offering beer


In the 1890s, when Tchaikovsky was in his prime, going to the ballet took a big chunk out of one’s evening.

“‘Sleeping Beauty’ was five hours long the first time it came out,” said Adam Sklute, artistic director of Ballet West. “‘The Nutcracker’ was only the opening act to a double bill, which included Tchaikovsky’s [lyric opera] ‘Iolanta.’ And ‘The Nutcracker’ was considered short, because it was only two hours.”

That won’t fly with 21st century audiences, plugged into social media and always on the go. “We’ve become a short attention span theater,” Sklute said.

“It’s just a matter of creating different ways for them to show up,” said Renee Huang, director of communications for Utah Symphony | Utah Opera. “Once you’re in the hall, it is kind of a timeless experience.”

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