ETV News – Utah Symphony Brings Forever Mighty Tour to Helper’s Main Street

by Traci Bishop

Two years ago, the Utah Opera swept through Carbon and Emery counties, visiting local schools. When this happened, Helper City Mayor Lenise Peterman was connected with David Green, who oversees the Utah Symphony.

Originally, the Utah Symphony was going to visit Helper last year to open the annual Arts, Music and Film Festival hosted on Main Street. However, that was cancelled due to the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This summer, the Utah Symphony has embarked on the Forever Mighty Tour. CEO Steve Brosvik explained that this is the third statewide tour for the symphony that focuses on visiting more rural area. He stated that they are really investigating and celebrating the landscapes, diversity and connections between music and nature that exist in Utah.

Brosvik credited the Forever Mighty Tour as an incredible opportunity for them to serve those that are not simply able to drive downtown and visit a music hall. One such stop was on Helper’s Main Street on Wednesday evening, beginning at dusk.

Mayor Peterman shared that, when thinking about having the Forever Mighty Tour on Helper’s Main Street, she finds it especially meaningful for the local youth.

“What a great opportunity to experience something that they otherwise may never have a chance to experience,” stated Mayor Peterman.

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