Deseret News – Utah Symphony just got a second home — ‘We need to come to Utah County more frequently’


SALT LAKE CITY — For years, Utah Symphony fans in Utah County have had to traverse the I-15 corridor — and brave the fierce rush hour traffic that hits a stalemate at the Point of the Mountain — to hear the classical music they love at Abravanel Hall.

That commute just got a lot easier.

On Monday afternoon, Utah Valley University opened its 130,000-square-foot Noorda Center for the Performing Arts to the public, and while it’s been a long time coming for the school, the Noorda will also be changing Utah’s arts scene at large.

The Utah Symphony announced Monday that the Noorda would become its home in Utah County. The new performing arts center cost just over $59 million, according to UVU, with $32 million of that sum coming from the state Legislature.

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