Utah Business: Utah Opera’s Youngest Lead Ever Sings Princely Role

He may sing the lead role of an alien prince who falls to Earth from the sky, but 11-year-old Nitai Fluchel is all human when it comes to talking about real-world problems – including his sibling rivalry.

“I have a younger sister,” says Natai, barely masking his exasperation and slight eye roll when asked about his family. His demeanor is focused and serious, with a lightheartedness that emerges when he speaks with enthusiasm about soccer, and playing table tennis with his dad, Mark, a pediatric oncologist at Primary Children’s Hospital. That natural charisma is on full display when he takes the stage at Capitol Theatre singing the title role of The Prince.

“He was literally singing all the time as a young child,” recalls Nitai’s mom, Nelangi Pinto, who is a pediatric cardiologist. The family decided to enroll him at the Madeleine Choir School in kindergarten and he’s never looked back.

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