Utah Arts Review – Utah Opera signals an evening of hope with “Light on the Horizon” concert

by Rick Mortensen

Utah Opera opened its season last October with an in-person but socially distanced double bill of Poulenc’s The Human Voice and Joseph Horovitz’s Gentlemen’s Island.

Four months later the pandemic is still with us though there is hope, as reflected in the title of the company’s second production, Light on the Horizon. Premiering Friday night–and available through March 14–this streaming concert featured six singers, 35 musicians, and a program ranging from Handel to Sondheim.

Like its first production, “Light on the Horizon” showed the depth of the company’s commitment to both safety and artistic excellence. The singers stayed six feet away from each other and the same distance was maintained between the mostly masked musicians on the stage. That created a clarity of sound rarely heard from the orchestra pit, allowing the audience to hear the individual orchestral lines and counterpoint.

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