The Salt Project: The Little Prince found in THE BLOCKS!

by The Salt Project

The last time we were at the Opera, we were in 5th Grade, so it’s been a long while! We’re so excited to see “The Little Prince” found in the THE BLOCKS! If you haven’t heard about THE BLOCKS you need to jump on their events page! The Blocks is a combined effort from the City and County to promote the abundance of arts and culture in Salt Lake City. Hence the reason The Salt Project was able to see The Opera! THE BLOCKS website has an interactive map, to find all the different Art Venues, Galleries, Museums, Restaurants, and Murals in Downtown Salt Lake City. The Blocks’ goal is to “heighten the captivating and inclusive atmosphere found in our cultural district while working closely with Salt Lake City’s creative community to activate and reimagine underutilized public spaces and venues.”

This is a first on The Salt Project as we’ve never seen an opera with the whole family! And they just lowered the recommended age from 8 to 5 years old! Also, the tickets are so affordable! They have family passes for $30 (4 tickets, $5 each additional), student tickets are $15, and regular tickets are $29-$108. More info here.

And we just have to say, it was INCREDIBLE! If you have never been to the Opera, or your kids have never been, or you love the Opera and haven’t been for a while, GO SEE THIS SHOW! It was so captivating! The set was so beautifully done. It was like stepping into a storybook. And the music and singing were so beautiful. Even my kids that have never been the Opera said how much they LOVE the singing. We are officially hooked! Thank you THE BLOCKS and Utah Opera for sharing this beautiful venue with our community.

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