KUTV – April 1 brings a pipeline of pranks; there will be no zip lines down from Angel’s Landing

by Larry D. Curtis

(KUTV) — Newsflash: There will not be a zip line down from Angel’s Landing, birds will not be joining the Utah Symphony percussion section and Wile E. Coyote was not arrested in Grand County for causing a rock fall.

It is April first and not only are family and friends playing pranks on each other, the corporate world is in on the gags too.

Donovan Mitchell was part of the fun when the Utah National Guard announced he signed up with them because he liked teamwork and shooting. But he wasn’t the highest profile athlete to be featured on Twitter. Patriots’ quarterback signed up on twitter with a verified account, using his first tweet to announce his fake retirement.

“I’m retiring. In my spare time, I’ll be tweeting,” he typed. At publication time, he had more than 28,000 retweets. Later he replied to his own Twitter thread: “Was this a bad joke?”

Locally, Zion National Park, announced a new zip line from the top of Angel’s Landing on its Facebook page:

The new zipline, scheduled to open in 2020, would make the hike a loop and reduce the need for people to walk back along the narrow ridge to the trailhead. Finally, our visitors will be able to soar like a California condor!

But the park in its post that it was a prank even before stating directly it was a prank, saying Xtreme HoaX Industries would be handling the ride.

The Utah Sympony issued an attention-grabbing press release, promoting a new, but fake, effort to bring animal guest artists to the state at Abravanel Hall.

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