KSL – Enjoy the sounds of a ‘Forever Mighty’ melody outdoors with the Utah Symphony

by Ellen Fagg Weist for the Utah Office of Tourism

When conductors ask about the concert halls where the Utah Symphony performs on their national park tours, Music Director Thierry Fischer loves to watch their response.

Outdoors, he tells them. The Utah Symphony performs outdoors. No concert halls. Just outdoors in nature on a portable stage.

For the Utah Symphony’s Forever Mighty tour in August, the orchestra will once again perform in unconventional, stunning locations, performances staged after years of detailed planning, all designed around the view. “I want the orchestra to be seen at the same time as the landscape,” said David Green, senior vice president and chief operations officer.

The tour will begin with a preview concert Aug. 4 in Abravanel Hall, the Symphony’s home base. Then the traveling begins with a concert in a Cache Valley meadow at the foot of northern Utah’s steep Wellsville Mountains. It continues on Helper’s historic Main Street, the rim of Bryce Canyon and in a natural stone theater in Kanab. The tour will end at a Springdale amphitheater facing the dramatic red rock cliffs of Zion National Park.

Update: August 14 concert relocated from the O.C. Tanner Amphitheater in Springdale due to damage caused to the venue during a July 2021 flash flood.

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