Front Row Reviewers – In Salt Lake City, Utah Symphony Makes Triumphant Return to Abravanel Hall In Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 with Schoenberg

by Madison Moretti

The Utah Symphony has returned to Salt Lake City‘s Abravanel Hall with a stunning line-up of masterpieces from composers J.S. Bach, Arnold Schoenberg, Valerie Coleman, Andrea Venet, and Quinn Mason. The concert is staged and performed following strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines, allow audiences to participate in a night of comfort and safety while enjoying first-class entertainment. The evening combines live and pre-recorded performances, allowing the full Symphony to be enjoyed despite their inability to fully share the stage. It is all under the exceptional direction of Thierry Fischer.

The first piece of the evening, Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, is an instant favorite for those avid lovers of Baroque Era music as well as those unfamiliar with it. It is unique in that it does not feature a full-length adagio section, but rather an improvised cadenza section that allows the featured soloists to express their own creativity in harmony with Bach’s vision. Particularly delightful is the back and forth banter of the violins and violas throughout all three movements.

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