Deseret News – Watch: Utah Symphony trumpet players make it on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’


Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Travis Peterson hasn’t been able to play his trumpet anywhere other than his apartment.

Around 11 a.m. or noon each day, Peterson pulls out his trumpet and runs through some warmups. He then picks a piece of music, finds a recording of that piece and plays along.

“My neighbors don’t get upset because I don’t sound bad, generally,” Peterson, who has been the principal trumpet player for the Utah Symphony since 2013, previously told the Deseret News.

“But right nowthat’s as close as I can get to feeling like I’m in an orchestra.”

On Sunday, Peterson got to perform for more people than his neighbors. He found his way to a much larger audience on national television.

Recently from their homes, Peterson and his three fellow trumpet players in the symphony — Jeff Luke, Paul Torrisi and Alex Pride — recorded the theme song for “CBS Sunday Morning” called “Abblasen.”

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