Deseret News – Utah’s Capitol Theatre finishes $33 million renovation, gets rid of seats — and possibly a ghost


On an episode of SyFy’s “Paranormal Witness,” staff members at Salt Lake’s Capitol Theatre shared stories of slamming doors, lights turning on and the unexplained smell of smoke. Some believed it to be the ghost of 17-year-old usher Richard Duffin, who died in a fire at the theater in 1949.

But that episode aired seven years ago, and Cami Munk is certain the hauntings are a thing of the past.

”There has been talk through the years that there is a ghost here. I have not had any experience with the ghost, and it’s not something we usually highlight when we talk about Capitol Theatre,” said Munk, the communications manager for Salt Lake County Arts and Culture. “But I don’t think that he’s with us anymore.”

What Munk does like to talk about is how the artistic landmark in Salt Lake City continues to thrive 106 years after opening its doors. The Capitol Theatre has just undergone the second part of a $33 million renovation project — a massive undertaking that required the building to close for six months. On Oct. 12, the theater reopens to the public and Utah Opera’s “La Traviata,” which runs through Oct. 20, welcomes guests to the new-and-improved space.

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