Deseret News – ‘I could tell you story after story’: The 6 degrees of Marie Osmond


SALT LAKE CITY — At this point, Marie Osmond kind of has this whole celebrity thing figured out.

Perhaps it’s no surprise. She’s been around celebs since childhood.

“There are entertainers, and then there are entertainers,” Osmond said during a recent phone interview, while discussing Sammy Davis Jr. According to Osmond, the Rat Pack legend taught her how to command a stage and work a crowd back when she was starting out.

“His spontaneity was amazing,” she said. “You can have a structure of a show, but you play off the audience. And you have to let them know that you’re there for them the moment you walk on stage.”

For Osmond, stories like these come quickly and easily. She mentions Lucille Ball — years ago, Osmond said Ball gave her the following advice: “If you want to last in this business, know your lighting. Men mature, and women get old. So learn how not to.”

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