Deer Valley® Music Festival Voucher Redemption

All Deer Valley® Music Festival Voucher exchange requests must be submitted a minimum of 48 hours prior to the performance. Please call Patron Services at 801-533-NOTE (6683) on the day of the performance for assistance.

Deer Valley® Music Festival Voucher – Terms and Conditions: 

  • ONE voucher is redeemable for ONE General Admission ticket to an eligible Deer Valley® Music Festival performance.
  • Vouchers are not eligible to exchange for SIGNATURE concerts or regular USUO season performances.
  • Vouchers may be redeemed for a single performance, or distributed among multiple DVMF summer concerts.
  • ALL vouchers must be redeemed by the individual(s) attending the concert (ticketing is subject to availability). This will require creating an account with USUO.
  • We’ve gone digital! Download the USUO mobile app to access your tickets and concert information after exchanging your voucher(s) for a Deer Valley® Music Festival concert.

Exchange Process: Please have your Deer Valley® Music Festival Voucher(s) in hand before beginning the exchange process. Once you submit your exchange request, a notification will be sent to the ticket office and processed manually by one of our ticket agents prior to the performance. You will receive an email confirmation when the exchange is submitted and when it is processed.

Unique Deer Valley® Music Festival Voucher: Each Deer Valley® Music Festival Voucher has a unique number and barcode. Once a voucher has been redeemed for a ticket, it will be null and void. Please tear up and discard redeemed vouchers immediately. (Individuals looking to make an exchange on a previously processed voucher should call the ticket office.) One voucher is redeemable for only one ticket. Please make sure your voucher is not expired. Expired Deer Valley® Music Festival Voucher numbers will not go through.

Performance Restrictions: Deer Valley® Music Festival Vouchers may be redeemed for eligible performances. Some restrictions apply. The drop-down menu below will list the available performances.

Questions & Assistance: Call Patron Services at 801-533-NOTE (6683) with any questions or to exchange your Deer Valley® Music Festival Vouchers over the phone. The ticket office phone lines are open Monday-Friday, noon-6PM, with extended service on performance days. In-person assistance is not available outside of performance hours.

Email: [email protected]

  • Please be sure to consider the expiration date on your voucher. Vouchers are only applicable for the season they were issued.